Machine/Deep Learning Robotics

Advanced Solutions

Gen AI

LLM Monitoring

IoT, Smart/Edge Devices, LLM, Big Data and Data Spaces, Mobile Apps, Machine/Deep Learning: We've got you covered

We provide the complete service range - starting with the analysis of (your) project, implementing the initial PoCs and MVPs up to deploying the final production ready system. Solutions based on Quarkus and GraalVM or Typescript and NestJS or complete Golang-based solutions. Scalable, modular Systems based on Docker and Kubernetes. Services around the ecosystems of Kafka, WebRTC or complete Monitoring and Tracing solutions. We help to integrate machine learning and LLMs (from OpenAI, Google, open source models) and build complex System Architecture and Connectivity for constrained/edge systems.

Specific analysis and consulting for restricted device environments.

We help you to explore and integrate LLMs (Large Memory Models) into your system environment. Chat with your internal documents, enrich models with your private content, integrate with other services using Agents.

Recent Projects: Realtime Image Analysis for Battery Manufacturing, Analyzing PDFs with LLMs, WebRTC Streaming for an autonomous Robot, BEV Wallbox Pooling Prototype for a V2G Use Case, Smart Meter Gateway (SmGW) Monitoring, NestJS-based and Quarkus-based Backends for several Startups, Mobile Apps (Ionic and Angular)

Harness the Power of Large Language Models

Elevate your business capabilities with our specialized IT services focused on integrating Large Language Models (LLMs) into your system environment. Our expertise enables you to converse seamlessly with your internal documents, enrich existing models with bespoke content, and create synergies by integrating various services through the use of intelligent Agents. Unlock new potentials and streamline your operations with our cutting-edge LLM solutions.

Optimizing with Machine and Deep Learning

Stay ahead in the ever-evolving technical landscape with our expert Machine and Deep Learning services. We specialize in analyzing both your current and future technical processes to tailor the most effective ML and DL technologies to your specific requirements. Our range includes everything from compact TinyML solutions to advanced TensorFlow/Keras and PyTorch applications. Whether you need on-premise, cloud-based, or hybrid implementations, we ensure your systems are optimized for peak performance and efficiency.

Revolutionizing User Experience with NLP

Transform your user interface with our cutting-edge Natural Language Processing (NLP) services. We specialize in designing, building, and integrating voice-enabled dialogues that enhance your existing user experience. Our solutions are versatile, encompassing both cloud and edge-based implementations. We leverage top open-source platforms like RASA, SpaCy, NLTK, and more, integrating advanced technologies from BERT to GPT. Elevate your UX with our bespoke NLP integration, tailored to meet your specific needs.

Next-Gen WebRTC Media Solutions

Elevate your communication and broadcasting capabilities with our comprehensive WebRTC (AAS) services. We provide turnkey solutions for scalable media broadcasting, designed to meet a range of needs from internal company communications to live broadcasting events. Our robust WebRTC infrastructure supports a variety of applications, including embedded devices with real-time data channels and browser-based communication channels. Utilize advanced tools like GStreamer and FFmpeg for seamless media handling, and explore new possibilities with connectivity options to ROS2 for remote control and more. Experience the power of tailored WebRTC solutions for all your broadcasting and communication needs.

Advanced Backend Solutions for Scalability and Integration

Empower your digital infrastructure with our specialized backend services. We focus on building and operating scalable backends using leading technologies like Spring Boot, Quarkus, and Node.js/NestJS. Enhance your system's security and efficiency with integrated solutions such as Traefik and Keycloak Identity Management. Our services include the provision of robust API Gateways, and we ensure top-notch monitoring using Prometheus and Grafana. Embrace the modern approach with our dockerized systems, seamlessly integrated with Kubernetes for optimal performance and reliability.

Innovative Embedded and Edge Computing Solutions

Unlock the full potential of embedded and edge computing with our diverse range of services. Whether it's a ESP32, Jetson AGX Orin, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or iMX system, we have the expertise to integrate a variety of SoCs with neural accelerators and multiple data sources for intelligent, cutting-edge solutions. Our capabilities extend to TinyML, WebRTC, ROS2, OpenCV, and YOLO, among others. We ensure seamless communication and control with protocols like MQTT, CoAP, OPC-UA, and LoRa. Additionally, we specialize in implementing robust system environments and operating systems to optimize your embedded and edge computing projects.

Intelligent System Design

Pioneering Big Data Solutions for the Future

Navigate the complexities of big data with our comprehensive solutions, tailored for a world where data volume is expanding rapidly. Our expertise covers a wide array of applications, from IoT and Smart Cities to Car2Car and Vehicle-to-Grid Communication. We specialize in intelligent data normalization, ensuring that data objects are retrievable and usable for future use cases.

Explore the concept of metadata-enhanced 'Data Spaces' with us, and learn how to effectively manage large data volumes. Our services are powered by robust platforms like Kafka, Pulsar, S3, and Hadoop, and are available in on-premise, cloud-based, or hybrid formats. Enhance your big data capabilities with real-time communication channels, including WebRTC, to stay ahead in the data-driven world.


Intelligent Video Processing

Advanced Video Stream Analytics with ML and LLM Integration

Revolutionize your approach to video stream analytics with our state-of-the-art services, now enhanced with Large Language Models (LLMs) and machine learning-based analysis. Preprocess and analyze video data streams to trigger timely events, detect anomalies, monitor object clustering, and understand customer behavior in retail environments. Our solutions leverage the power of ML for a range of modern use cases. Whether you're utilizing existing camera hardware or our custom ML-enabled camera devices, which are built on platforms like OpenCV, we provide advanced analytics capabilities. With the integration of LLMs, our systems can understand and interpret complex data patterns, offering insights and automation possibilities that go beyond traditional video analytics. Empower your business with intelligent video stream analytics for more informed decision-making and enhanced operational efficiency.


Innovative UX/UI Design for Multi-Modal Environments

Elevate your user experience with our comprehensive UX/UI design services, tailored for the modern, multi-modal digital landscape. We understand that today's user interfaces must cater to a diverse range of target systems, from intuitive touch-based UIs to seamless natural language dialogues. Our process encompasses the entire design journey – from conceptualizing the basic idea to crafting the UX concept, developing final wireframes, and implementing the frontend. We specialize in providing innovative proposals and solutions to address the challenges posed by different UI technologies, ensuring a cohesive and efficient multi-modal UX environment. Partner with us to create user interfaces that are not only visually appealing but also functionally robust, ensuring a superior user experience across all platforms and devices.

Responsive Design

Adapt the same content to various target devices

From Desktop to Embedded

Adapt your UI to specific system levels

Interactive Touch UI

Instant response based on touch events

High Level Speech/Language Dialogs

Connect NLP support to your overall design

Custom LLM Systems

Work with your local content, enrich and enhance. Add content using Agents. Update and tune models.

Gesture Detection

Realtime gesture detection based on machine learning capabilities even on edge devices

Browser Based vs. Native

Finding the sweet spot between browser based and native apps for mobile systems. For browser-based we bet on Ionic.

UI for Embedded Systems

Your customer demands a high level UX, even on restricted devices

Smart Embedded/Edge Solutions

  • Connecting IoT data sources to your infrastructure
  • Implementing smart solutions on edge devices
  • Implementing machine/deep learning on the edge
  • NLP for well-defined dialogs on the edge
  • Enhanced video/audio solutions on the edge
  • IoT to Cloud connectivity
  • Monitoring embedded solutions

Video Conferencing/Conferences

  • From secure one-on-one to group chats
  • Hosting of WebRTC solutions (RTCaaS)
  • Custom branding and secure setup
  • Session Payments
  • Solutions based on LiveKit/Pion


  • Use commercial or open source LLMs
  • Chat with your content - keeping privacy
  • Provide intelligent customer facing systems using LLMs
  • Integrate LLMs into your processes
  • Enhance your product features
  • Use Text, Images, Video
  • Industrial LLM solutions (ViT etc.)
  • MLOps support
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