Neural Accelerators MQTT

Full Stack Backends


Kubernetes/Docker Kafka

IoT&IIot, Smart Devices and related Connectivity, Smart Meter Gateways, Big Data and intelligent Data Spaces, Mobile (Android, Ionic), Edge Devices, Machine Learning and NLP/Speech: We've got you covered

We provide the complete service range starting with the analysis of (your) planned system infrastructure, implementing PoCs (MVPs) up to deploy a production ready system. Solutions based on Spring Boot, Micronaut, Quarkus for JVM/GraalVM solutions to NestJS (based on node.js with Typescript) solutions. Scalable, modular Systems based on Docker and Kubernetes. Service Mesh with Istio. Services around the ecosystems of Kafka and Pulsar. System Architecture and Connectivity for constrained systems.

Specific analysis and consulting for restricted device environments. Think AKRI, balenaOS, EdgeXFoundry, Project EVE and K3s.

Recent Projects: BEV Wallbox Pooling Prototype, Smart Meter Gateway Monitoring, NestJS-based and Quarkus-based Backends for several Startups, Mobile Apps (Ionic)

UI/UX Design

We can help starting your product journey. From moderating the initial kickoff/brainstorming meetings to UI/UX analysis down the road. From wireframes and PoCs to production. Browser based apps or native Android

Machine Learning

You want to enter the age of digitalization? We can help you to analyze your ongoing and newly planned technical processes and adapt suitable ML/DL technologies to your needs. From TinyML to Tensorflow/Keras and PyTorch.


We design, build, optimize and integrate voice enabled dialogs into your existing UX. Voice dialogs based on cloud and/or edge solutions. Including open source solutions like RASA, Spacy, NLTK and others. From BERT to GPT

Video Streaming

We offer setup and operation of scalable video broadcasting solutions. Including One-to-Many, secured one-on-one or Many-to-Many streams. Offers include Jitsi, Pion and other WebRTC-based frameworks, Nextcloud and other open source solutions.


Buildup and operations of scalable backends based on Spring Boot, Micronaut, Quarkus or Node.js/NestJS. Integrating Traefik, Keycloak Identity Management, Prometheus and Grafana Monitoring, Consul. Dockerized. K8s-d, integrated.


From ESP32 to the Jetson Nano, from Arduino to RPi or iMX systems. Integration of neural accelerators, video and various IoT data sources for intelligent solutions. TinyML, OpenCV, YOLO. MQTT, CoAP, OPC-UA, LoRa et. al. Add system environments/OS like AKRI, balenaOS, EdgeXFoundry, Project EVE and K3s.

Intelligent System Design

Big Data Solutions

From IoT and Smart Cities to Car2Car Communication: The amount if data to be ingested into systems grows rapidly. Intelligent data normalization is important to be able to retrieve and use data objects for uses cases, which are not yet known. Talk with us about metadata enhanced "Data Spaces" and how to manage lots of data.

Services based on our workhorses Kafka, Pulsar, S3, Hadoop etc. Either on-premise, cloud-based or hybrid.


Intelligent Video Processing

Video Stream Analytics

Preprocessing of data streams - Video for example - allows one to trigger events right when you need them. Detect anomalies, unwanted clustering of objects or check customer behavior in a store. The combination of video and machine learning allows for modern use cases. Based on existing camera hardware or our custom ML-enabled camera devices.


UX/UI Design

Modern User Interfaces must support a wide range of target systems, from touch based UI to natural language dialogs. From the basic idea to the UX concept, final wireframes and frontend implementation. Providing proposals and solutions to solve the impedance mismatch of different UI technologies in a multi modal UX environment.

Responsive Design

Adapt the same content to various target devices

From Desktop to Embedded

Adapt your UI to specific system levels

Interactive Touch UI

Instant response based on touch events

High Level Speech/Language Dialogs

Connect NLP support to your overall design

Custom NLP Systems

From domain specific local NLP support to powerful cloud systems

Gesture Detection

Realtime gesture detection based on machine learning capabilities even on edge devices

Browser Based vs. Native

Finding the sweet spot between browser based and native apps for mobile systems. For browser-based we bet on Ionic.

UI for Embedded Systems

Your customer demands a high level UX, even on restricted devices

Smart Embedded/Edge Solutions

  • Connecting IoT data sources to your infrastructure
  • Implementing smart solutions on edge devices
  • Implementing machine learning on the edge
  • NLP for well defined dialogs on the edge
  • Enhanced video solutions on the edge
  • IoT to Cloud connectivity
  • Monitoring embedded solutions

Video Conferencing/Conferences

  • From secure one-on-one to group chats
  • Hosting of Jitsi, PION and other solutions
  • Custom branding and secure setup
  • Session Payments
  • Image: Ovenmedia

Nextcloud Hosting/Custom Apps

  • We provide Nextcloud Hosting Plans
  • Custom Nextcloud Applications for your needs
  • Example: Watermarking content, Custom Media Player
  • S3 based storage and optional second level backup
  • Branding your inHouse-Nextcloud System
  • Integration into your Workflows
  • Integration of external solutions like Video Conferencing (Jitsi etc.)
  • Integration of Billing Systems
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